Auto open an image

Click on one of the following images to open it in PrintAcross.

Scale an image with 2 pins

Pins are used to precisely scale an image: you can set the distance between any two points of an image.

  • Add 2 pins.
  • Move the 2 pins over an image.
  • Lock the 2 pins by clicking them (they should become red).
  • Select one of the pins and either move it by dragging it or directly input the wanted distance from the other pin in the sidebar.


Language selection is automatic and should follow your browser settings.

Available languages: en (fallback), fr, es (partially translated).

To change the language, run this in your console (replace "en" with your language):

	$.i18n.setLng("en", function() { PrintAcross.gui.i18nElems.i18n(); });